Unlocking the history of ancient cultures with Artificial Intelligence and other cutting edge technologies. That is the mission of aincient.org. Our focus lies on ancient Egypt since the founder of aincient.org,  Heleen Wilbrink, is an Egyptologist. We look at the study of other ancient cultures for best practices.

More discoveries will be made when all resources, such as museum collections, publications, maps and ancient texts, will be available online and can be easily searched. This might seem easy, but is a huge task. Fortunately, major collections have been digitized and digital humanities has become popular over the last years. But still many collections need to be digitized and sources that are already digitized are not used to their full potential. The problem is that the datasets are not standardized and that they are not connected. They are isolated silos.

We aim to help speed up the digitization of collections by sharing best practices and by pushing for standardization. We connect different datasets by initiating partnerships with the leading tech companies and cultural institutions in the world and are very proud to be working together with Google, Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe and the National Museum of Antiquities. We are grateful for the help SynerScope provided by creating our first prototype and for the support of the SIDN Fund.

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