Excavations 2.0: how Aincient uses Artificial Intelligence to unlock the past

By Martine van den Berg An archaeologist digging in dusty soil, exhausted by heat and battling many challenges and disappointments, finally finding something unexpected and extraordinary. We cherish this romantic idea of archaeology fed by books and movies. The reality could not be further removed from this image. Today’s biggest challenge is not to find […]

Aincient and partners: Exploring archives and historical locations using AI and crowdsourcing 2.0

Fragment of scan of archival text

Artificial Intelligence (AI), crowdsourcing 2.0 and Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR), enable a smart search through 200,000 scans of historical texts word by word. The goal our project is creating a prototype for a smart archival search for our archival partners: the Amsterdam City Archives (Stadsarchief Amsterdam), the Dutch National Archives (Nationaal Archief) and the North Holland Archives (Noord-Hollands Archief). However, searching […]

Sneak preview of amazing research tool

We initiated a project with Google, Synerscope and the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities (RMO in Dutch). Our goal is to drastically speed up research on ancient collections, resulting in more discoveries. We started with the online collection of the RMO and combined it with the powerful software of Synerscope and Google Vision API. Our first […]

Digital future of Egyptology

If anything is possible, what would be the digital future of Egyptology? That was the question during our one day brainstorm at Berkeley. We created a vision and roadmap with an international team with experts on Egyptology, Assyriology, archaeology and Unicode. Interested? Read the Results Berkeley Digital Humanities brainstorm.

Newer Realities

Virtual-, augmented- and mixed realities are a perfect way to simulate travel through space and time. Great opportunities for exploring ancient civilizations. But what do these new realities have to offer and what distinguishes one from the other? Get acquainted with each of them and discover the cool stuff that you can try at home right […]